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Stone benches require minimal maintenance, but let's look at a few scenarios that would require the help of a professional: Under mounted sink bowls can start sagging if not installed correctly and cause water to leak through into your cabinet. Staining or undesired marks may occur that you don't know how to clean and get rid of, and silicone discolors over time and can look very untidy. Your stone surface might be really hard, but it can get chipped and even crack right through in some cases. Joins need to be tidied up and refilled with glued again from time to time. And then again, you might just need your benchtop to be cleaned professionally and sealed with an impregnating stone sealer if applicable.

Rest assured, we can help with all of this, no worries at all. Get in touch with us, and we will assist in finding the right solution to get your benchtop back into the best possible shape again.